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Hershey Transit No7


N07 is being restored in her original and permanent home, the historic West Car Barn in Hershey, PA., and represents a tangible and important piece of Hershey’s history.


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Rolling StockNo 3 1908

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  1. I am very familiar with the trolley cras! might be the only one alive that rode one from Hbg. to Hummelstown Square. Probably the only one alive that remembers one of the trolleys at my father’s Junk Yard, across from the old Millard’s Quarry, and helped removing all the rails during my summer vacation. Also, at our 2nd Junk Yard (Bob Evans) we had a trolley car in back of our office for storage.Prior to 72 flood I owned some great mementos…trolley lights, etc. Hopefully I will be able to attend October 29th? Lots of memories!

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