The Car Barns



(Second Car Barn, East Chocolate Ave, prior to 1915)

The Car Barns of Hershey Transit

The car barns served as the trolley “garages” of their day.  Trolleys rested and were maintained in these buildings under the watchful eyes of their maintenance crews.  The first car barn or trolley house, located where the main plant now stands today, was on the north side of Chocolate Ave. and held only four trolleys.   In 1910 the first car barn was converted into the Hershey Cafe.  The second car barn was located on the south side of the chocolate factory, between Chocolate Ave. and Caracas .  It was converted into an apartment house after the third and final car barn was built, eventually razed, and today is a parking lot for Hershey Company employees.  The third, West End Car barn, still standing, and currently owned by Milton and Linda Purcell / Hershey Car Barn LLC, was built in 1916.


This wood block is available for purchase at the Hershey-Derry Township Historical Society.  All proceeds go toward FOHT.

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